Strathaven Striders Hill Races

Date: Saturday 19 October 2013

Registration: from 10am at Cairn Table Car Park, Kames, Muirkirk

Race Start: from 11.00am


Starting and finishing at the Cairn Table walkers' car park, Kames this club event will consist of three separate routes to suit all level of fitness and experience.

Route 1 (13.6 km); 'Cairn Table and Beyond'. A run out over Cairn Table and Stony Hill, returning by the Sanquhar Muirkirk hill path. For those who know how to navigate with a compass and with some hill running experience.

Route 2 (7.5 km); 'Cairn Table'. Straight to the top of Cairn Table and back down by the same route. Intended as a taster for those that haven't tried a hill run before.

Route 3 (7.5 km); 'The Sanquhar Trail Run'. A trail run along the Muirkirk to Sanquhar Right of Way. For beginners that don't fancy a hill run but would quite like to run slightly uphill along a reasonably good surfaced trail.

To enter simply drop an email to Bill Ion ( or just turn up on the day. Entry is available to club members and their friends and families.

Route Details

Follow the links below for details of each route.


The races follow an unmarked course that crosses ground above 1500 feet.  Part of the route follows hill paths but, particularly on the longer route, covers open hillside with no discernable paths.

In October conditions on the summit of the hill can be very different from conditions at the start. Full body cover (including full length leg cover rather than knee length tights and also hat and gloves) must either be carried or worn. If required to do so on the day due to adverse weather conditions, you must carry full waterproof body cover (the jacket must have a hood), a whistle and a compass. Ignoring such a requirement could jeopardise your safety. Please come prepared.



Route 1: Cairn Table and Stony Hill

1st Tony Thistlethwaite 1hr 41min 16sec
2nd Mike Dunn 1hr 59min 15sec
3rd Tom Wilson 1hr 59min 53sec
4th Stephen Martin 1hr 59min 57sec

5th Alex Donaldson 4hr 16min 07sec

Route 2: Cairn Table

1st Stewart Robertson 49min 28sec
2nd Rosie Bell 51min 4 sec
3rd Lindsay Dick 60 min 0 sec
4th Kirsty Sloan 65min 0 sec
5th equal Claire Purdie and Bobby Fergusson 67min 58sec
James Hilston 73min 12sec
8th Bill Gibson 73min 58sec
9th equal Tina Alexander and Cathy MacDonald 90min 3 sec

Route 3: Trail run

1st equal Margaret Steele and Alix Boardman 49min 8 sec
3rd equal Dianne Clifton and Neil Clifton 49min 12sec
5th Anne Thistlethwaite 49min 28sec
Dorothy Findlay 52min 14sec
7th Irene Wilson 53min 55sec
8th Karen Kerr 54min 28sec




Route 1: Cairn Table and Stony Hill

1st Stewart Robertson 1hr 40min 41sec
2nd Tony Thistlethwaite 1hr 42min 50sec
3rd Alex Donaldson 2hr 39min 07sec

Route 2: Cairn Table

1st Ian Devoy 53min 58sec
2nd Alison Chand 58min 32sec

Route 3: Trail run

1st Kirsty Sloan 43min 9 sec
2nd James Hilston 51min 20sec
3rd Anne Marie Hamilton & Eleanor McCabe 55min 5sec
4th Dorothy Findlay 55min 53sec




Route 1: Cairn Table and Stony Hill

1st Allan Douglas 1hr 31min 30sec
2nd Stewart Robertson 1hr 31min 48sec
3rd Tony Thistlethwaite 1hr 39min 2sec
4th Mike Dunn 1hr 41min 44sec
5th Tom Wilson 1hr 58min 50sec

Route 2: Cairn Table

1st Ian Devoy 50min 0sec
2nd Rosie Bell 50min 24sec
3rd Alex Donaldson 1hr 2min 37sec
4th David Meldrum 1hr 9min 15sec
5th Alix Boardman 1hr 9min 16sec
6th Saxis Panou 1hr 9min 17sec

Off route! Elaine Calder 1hr 6min

Route 3: Trail run

1st Irene Wilson




Route 1: Cairn Table and Stony Hill

1st Tony Thistlethwaite 1hr 47min 12sec
2nd Mike Dunn 1hr 48min 42sec
3rd Elaine Calder 1hr 49min 42sec

Route 2: Cairn Table

Ist equal Tina Alexander and Cathy 1hr 18min 14sec